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Fortnite Battle Royale is a new epic sandbox co-op game based on Fortnite. The game is already being stormed by Twitch, at one point even surpassing its apparent inspiration of the unknown player's (PUBG) game fields.

Players with PUBG, will be able to get used to Royale is quite simple, but there are changes that will have to solve even the most protected from battle survivalist: resources can be collected to create protective structures, for example, and traps can be laid to give inadvertently very unpleasant shock.

We've put together a comprehensive and important guide to Fortnite that contains everything and is filled with lots of tips and tricks on strategy. We will expand this article regularly over time, breaking down into articles with more details on individual topics.

UPDATE # 3-We've combed through the entire guide and changed everything to make sure it's fully updated. We've also included a new development section as well as links to many other relevant guides to help you. Stay tuned in the near future!

General overview

Before we get to the main direction of our guide, we thought it would be useful to give a brief overview of what this game really is and what its winning conditions are. If you are just following our beginner guide, go to the next section. If you want to know what it's about, here's the bottom part:

Battle Royale is a new game mode built around Fortnite, a collaborative sandbox survival game from Epic.

It is provided as a standalone, free to play the game.

While you can play for free, you can also purchase premium editions of the game that provide you with exclusive cosmetic items, boosters

EXP and the like.

It throws 100 players on one card, and the challenge is to survive long enough to emerge as the last person.

You can play solo, duet or as a team with three other friends.

Players start with nothing, in a flight bus that travels around the map. You choose when to enter the chute and as soon as you landed, it's all about the looting

materials, weapons, ammunition and shields in the game world. Eliminating enemy players is another great way to train.

Game requirements

Fortnite is a fairly non-demanding game, unlike its competitors. This is realized thanks to the cartoon graphics of the game, which reduces the load in General. You can read more about the system requirements in the article at the link.


Take a look at this awesome video from rhino crunch, which details some common tactics you should look for when playing Fortnite Battle Royale.

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The movement and the environment

You are in a huge inconvenience when you enter the building. The person inside will know where you're from, and when they can hear you coming, you can't see their exact location. Wait for them to leave the building and instead catch them off guard instead of chasing them inside.

Alternatively, wait for Storm Eye to push them out and pull them out of extreme range (you've got that sniper rifle by now, right?) When they try to escape!

Guide for beginners

Below is a brief overview of the key points that are indicated:

– In the initial stages of the match it is very important that you try to capture as much loot as you can physically. At this stage you need weapon options and resources to build.

– When it comes to weapons, the most important items for your collection are shotgun, assault rifle and sniper rifle. These three basics are a great starting point for your Arsenal. They will pick you up perfectly for the rest of the game and will be a great tool to cause some pain in any range of interaction.

– However, there are several types of sniper rifles, so try to keep in mind that ideally, you will want to prioritize getting a Bolt-Action version of the weapon. While this weapon may be less forgiving if you're unstable with your aim, if you manage to fire one shot, you'll be laughing until the next storm lap. These things pack an incredible punch!

– Try to shoot slower with automatic weapons as you will be much more accurate. Wildly spraying at opponents doesn't guarantee you landing on every shot! Focus on accuracy and control when shooting at the enemy.

- Try to minimize the number of deaths, not increase the number of kills at the start of Fortnite: Battle Royale. Sure, it's good to learn the game, but don't focus entirely on your mortality rate.

– Be careful when looting enemies. Take an extra second to look around and make sure you can protect your Goodies.

- Remember that almost every structure or object in Fortnite: Battle Royale can be destroyed. Walls, trees and everything you build can be knocked down by opponents. Avoid sticking in one position for too long and use this destructibility to your advantage.

The movement and the environment

If you're a PUBG player, you'll need to fortnite news start retraining your brain when it comes to thinking about detours. Don't forget, after all, that you can now build ladders and climb slopes quickly. This is a new meta to learn and you need to start getting used to these mechanics right away.

Don't forget that you can place walls anywhere, which can be very useful if you are taking heavy fire and want to get the upper hand. Always think about your vulnerabilities – and your winning points – and how you can swing the tide of battle in your favor when you come under pressure.

Remember also that you are in a huge inconvenience when you enter the building. The person inside (if there is one) will know where you came from, and while they can hear you, you can't see their exact location. If you know someone inside, wait for them to come out of the building and catch them off guard, instead of chasing them through the interior.

Alternatively, use the collected building materials and create a structure that wraps around the building they are in. At this point, you can bet on them from the top and effectively turn tables on them without putting yourself in, particularly vulnerable positions.

Card tactics


There are 2 winning card tactics that rhino crunch recommends players pursue.

The first is the big kill strategy. Play on the edge of the map, waiting for players, rotating with the circle and selecting players as they participate in the next game area. It takes a lot of skill and a bit of luck, but it's definitely viable.

In a more reliable strategy, you immediately rush to the center of each new circle and just try to get ahead of any other player. Once you are in position, you can start using your early knowledge of the terrain and plan your points of view.

If you just rush to the center, you'll see the whole playing field: what's a good place, what's a bad place? You will have time to create a base before the enemy comes.

In terms of positioning, the earth is always your friend. This gives you a superior vantage point against which your opponent can strike back, and also allows you to flee the fight if you're not sure he'll go his own way.

Again, always remember that you can quickly make your way up the sharp slopes if you need to get away, or want to establish a fantastic camping position.

Passing the map, listen carefully to your surroundings. There are a variety of visual and audio alerts to help you know where someone is. If you think someone is around you, then squat because it will drown out your footsteps. Then you can use the positioning of the sound the enemy to pinpoint their location and to prepare his devastating ambush.